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Fear and Loathing in the parking lot...

Yep, its happening. Fighting over parking spaces or where guests can park. "No, not in front of the fire hydrant. No, not double parked blocking others in. No, not where two lane traffic is passing. No, not in the Disabled Parking"... and on and on it goes. The parking guys had their challenges today for sure but stayed good natured about it.

Speaking of parking... from the rumor mill comes an ugly one that management has been tossing around the idea of charging for proximity parking... lets hope not. That has always been part of the charm and beauty of Rose, a low key friendly environment where you can pull over while skiing without leaving your skis more than 10 feet away and crack open a beer and throw some meat on the barbie. Flat Star just unveiled their Premiere Parking for $10 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. Hope we don't follow their lead. Despite all the hype we are still a locals mountain with the friendly vibe (so far).

Luckily the slopes were better than the…

Happy Powdered Turkey Day Everyone

Hope y'all had a good day. As Rose opens more each day we have more gifts to enjoy right? Everyone is asking me about Slide side. Well, my sources are saying next Wednesday but they have been wrong twice now about openings so I think its a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand it doing. So... hopefully it will open sooner but Wednesday is what they are saying at this point. The next storm this weekend look potent so it might be Sunday... who knows. They are blowing lots of snow over there right now. Enjoy your turkey and pie. I know I am.

BC still full of rocks and stumps. Ski carefully and have fun, As you can see Nate Corona did today


Miracles are Everywhere

When you just walked across ground at 2.5 mph that you are now dancing over in unbelievably light pow... its feels like a miracle... and it is. Trillions of crystals have to find an impurity in the atmosphere... a piece of dust, some ash and thus begins the crystallization process that ends in a the magic of a snowflake and a trillion brothers and sisters that fall from the sky like there is no tomorrow. Feel impure sometimes... you might be the heart of a miracle (but probably you just need some soap and a shower.) In terms of a real miracle... just check out the photo with this post... THAT is the miracle. That we are alive in a time when we can ride a conveyance to the top of a mountain and then dance down on one board or two in such a way that it feels like flying. That is it.

Rose opened Aida's, Lower Ramsey and Jetta today expanding the skiable terrain many times over and the first three runs were pretty darn good. The Rose Patrol Director gave the first chair folks a nice h…

Its happening...

Once again the flakes come down and so do we. Rose is reporting 16" to 20" of pow and its still coming. Let the WRX meter give you photo proof...

We live for days like this. 
Ski you later, 

Opening to Top/T-Giving Storm

The last storm overproduced by 400% which proves that once again our friends over at are right in their asserting that Mother Nature does not read the forecasts nor conform to anyone's expectations but her own. Looks like next week may deliver much more snow as our first winter storm opportunity appears to showing up for Thanksgiving. The trend so far has been colder and slower with this storm and at this point it looks as though we might measure snowfall in feet versus inches (or at least a foot). But we shall see. Although many at Rose today were thinking they might ride to the top. That is just not happening. Despite Dave's attempts at making as much snow as possible and making the connection between the bottom of KC and Pondo it just isn't there yet since we had bare ground just a few days ago. Its looking more and more like next week at this point but we shall see. Wednesday was the day chanted today by all departments but cats were working wi…

Are you thinking snow?

If you or some skier you know have been a casualty of the winter hype around this weeks "storm" I'm here to clear things up. Make no mistake... there are some changes coming... the High pressure ridge that has been stationed off our coast for the last month has retrograded West enough to allow some North Pacific and tropical energy in to the West Coast. However, don't expect much here in our neck of the woods. Although we may pick up some snow on the East side of the Carson Range, much of the energy will be South of 50. When I say "pick up" I mean an inch to several, thats about it. It will not be the wet slop we like this time of year to make a nice base either. Snow levels will drop making for drier snow unfortunately. All is not doom and gloom however, the mercury will drop enough perhaps for some snowmaking to occur on Mt. Rose so they can work on KC a little more and the connection to Lakeview or NW which would delight many a skier I know. The long ran…

A Rose by any other name... a thing of beauty to be sure

Beautiful windless fall weather punctuated by crisp mornings and warm afternoons have not led to much snowmaking the last few weeks as the mercury edged up and make blowing snow an impractical enterprise. As much as Rose would like to open top to bottom and despite the fact that 90% of the KC Traverse and the run itself waits like a perspective bride... there just hasn't been the cold temps to make the connection across the flats to the Wizard runs.

Some of this may change next week when temps drop considerably mid-week and we see our first opportunity for some natural snow. My guess is the guns will be firing on all cylinders in order to drive the "White Spike" of connection (RR reference for those of you who don't know what the transcontinental railroad is or was...). In any event, its the Great Wizard Social Scene and definitely worth a few rides in order to run into your winter time homies and ease into the winter scene.

Although there is some griping and worries…

Early Winter Outlook

Daniel Swain of Weather West and NOAA are on the same page when it comes to the extended early winter forecast... warmer and drier weather is to be expected. With the warm water (the Blob) stretching from Alaska to Hawaii to Mexico, the set up is eerily similar to the drought years of 2014-15. Although the judge and jury are out on this one there does seem to be a correlation between warm water Eastern Pacific anomalies and drier and warmer weather for the West Coast. The islands of Hawaii are once again experiencing a large coral bleaching and die-off as a result of the warmth and more tropical animals are moving North into more temperate waters. Still a climate change skeptic keeping lockstep with the Prez? Even the US Military are making plans for rising seas and changing weather along with every major corporation and government agency worldwide. Want the truth? Quit drinking the "Kool-Aid" put out by both parties and follow the money and investment and you'll usually…