Fear and Loathing in the parking lot...

Yep, its happening. Fighting over parking spaces or where guests can park. "No, not in front of the fire hydrant. No, not double parked blocking others in. No, not where two lane traffic is passing. No, not in the Disabled Parking"... and on and on it goes. The parking guys had their challenges today for sure but stayed good natured about it.

Speaking of parking... from the rumor mill comes an ugly one that management has been tossing around the idea of charging for proximity parking... lets hope not. That has always been part of the charm and beauty of Rose, a low key friendly environment where you can pull over while skiing without leaving your skis more than 10 feet away and crack open a beer and throw some meat on the barbie. Flat Star just unveiled their Premiere Parking for $10 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. Hope we don't follow their lead. Despite all the hype we are still a locals mountain with the friendly vibe (so far).

Luckily the slopes were better than the lot with good patrol presence slowing idiots like the Italian Stallion (a misnomer to be sure) and others who insist on coming within inches of others going half their speed. A lot of skiers had a great time today and for the most part it went pretty well considering the thousands in small spaces.

Skiing was great today with the exception of Lakeview which sported some challenging breakable wind crust. It was still skiable but not champaign powder like most runs. There was some wind effect up top on the faces too as can be expected. Lodge was busy enough that folks were sitting on the floor so that tells you what a lucrative thanksgiving its been so far for Rose. Way to go Rose. Thats the time to scoop in the cash when most of us leave between 10 and 11 anyway.

Looks like a fairly potent storm coming in Saturday night although the models cannot pin down snow levels, duration or amounts too well yet. As our friends over at www.tahoeweatherblog.com always say... Mother Nature always has the final say.



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