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Sven Svenhardt Back on the Air

 Greetings all and Happy New Year 2023; Have had some technical issues on my end so please pardon the fact that this is the first post of this winter. Despite the National Weather Service dire predictions of a low snow year, so far this has not been the case as December puts us heads and tails above the averages.  Mid-December skiing was some of the best we have ever had with the last storm cycle ending with windless stellar flakes falling straight down with temps in the low teens adding up to 18" of the lightest fluffiest powder I have seen in the Sierras in a long time. Result: skiing was unbelievably good both on-piste and off. After the initial avalanche cycle ran its course with some major climax releases in Miller Time and The Hourglass the snow stabilized nicely for the next 10 days. With colder than average temps and no wind to speak of the snow stayed Colorado-like resulting in fantastic skiing for more than a week.  The only negative at Rose was the almost complete lack