Winter Storm in April? You Betcha!

Coming to a Mountain Range Near You:

Trends from the National Weather Service are forecasting a stronger storm for this time of year this weekend and into early next week. There appears to be good chances for a foot to two feet of snow above 7000 feet between Saturday and Monday night. Of course things could change by tonight but the trend has been a stronger scenario with each forecast cycle over the last few days. Due to the lateness of the year, Reno metro may not be too effected too much but the mountains will certainly be.

If you plan to go out on your board(s) please keep first responders in mind. They do not need your Search and Rescue mission or your medical issues added to their Corvid 19 response right now. If you do go out, ski or ride well within your safety zone so that we do not inadvertently compound the problems in health care that our first responders are currently facing.

You can also expect avalanche activity with this storm cycle and if planning on skiing the chute…

Oh the Places You'll Go...

Aside from skiing, there are a lot of other great things to do in our great state for adventure. Found my way up to Lagomarsino Canyon on my bike yesterday to check out the Petroglyphs. I have been all over the West looking at both pictographs (art painted on rock) and Petroglyphs (art chiseled into the rock mechanically) but the Lagomarsino Canyon panels are the largest and best preserved of any that I've seen. With over 2200 petroglyphs counted and many more hiding out in the boulders you could easily spend days mesmerized by the 10,000 plus old native works of art. And you will earn it getting there let me tell you. Whether you hike, bike, 4X4 or trailride your way in, I guarantee some excitement in the journey alone. The canyon is located about midway from Lockwood and Virginia City Highlands and whichever way you start or end will be an adventure with bad rocky ass roads, mud, 3 foot deep ruts, rocks and rattlesnakes. Yep, Nevada true and true. And if you even think about giv…

Any skiing globally?

Believe it or not Sweden and Japan still have open ski areas if you are looking for a Spring Ski Vacation! In addition to your normal ski gear a full body condom is highly advised by the US State Department which should be worn when skiing and also during close interactions with the locals (see pics).

And you thought people didn't like the feeling of a standard condom. Wait till you try this! Be sure to get the right size for your body type to be safe...  and be prepared to hold your breath... for awhile.

Happy Spring Skiing Everyone!


Something about powder...

An untouched Northeast ridge line below you with a virgin couloir to your left facing dead North. You know the snow has blown in there silly deep and your conscious that nothing has moved all day. Despite the 36" dump, the snow is stable. Someone with a camera is off to the left and waves you on, you drop. And in those moments time stretches out for hours, is just as relative as Einstein said and you feel the pressure of gravity take you into the yawning powder cache below. You remember to lean into any fear you might have with your expectation of deep etched into your eternal memory turns. You swing your hips left and bank your skis toward the drop and then your tips hook up and you are in deep, holding your breath as you feel the powder whip up over your head and shoulders and take you into another world. Fall line but its hard to come out of gravity's pull. Again, your skis hook up across the fall line and back toward the top of the ridge and you drop into an even deeper w…

Social Distancing: Sven Style!

Hope everyone continues to get out into raw nature to keep a healthy perspective. The purity of the experience alone is enough to inoculate you from the latest incessant "Breaking News Cycle." The absolute best thing you can do for everyone else is keep yourself healthy.

Do it for yourself. Do it for God, Country and our Species. But... Do It.


Slide Road Opens!

The Slide Road gate was open today and some folks were taking advantage of the Executive Parking up in the Slide Lot. One fellow even thought parking in the North end would be a good idea. Hope he has a shovel.

Chutes have been pretty skied out but the Slide side remained mostly open powder with several dozen tracks. You could definitely find mucho open pow if you looked around in the trees and on some of the runs. Sunny today so the March high angle sun is having its crusty effects on top on anything facing South and West. As weather warms expect a sun crust to start forming in many more places... it is late March after all. Age hardening has also occurred in The Chutes so be careful as some areas hit by sun and skis have reacted by making life "hard" on the skier or rider. The heavier the area is skied, the more likely the area will have glazed off. Beware and be prepared.

Speaking of Being Aware...

PLEASE keep in mind that there is no patrol assistance available while th…

The Last Resort Standing in the United States Award Goes To:

With almost everyone closed globally due to Corvid19 with the exception of a few small areas in Sweden, the unabashed winner of the Last Ski Area Standing in North America contest goes to (Drumroll please) 49 North. If you have never heard of them don't feel bad. Most skiers haven't. 49 North is located in the far North Eastern corner of Washington State just a few dozen miles South of the Canadian border and a few more miles North of Spokane. The ski area is about the size of Rose with more but way slower chairlifts. They did a great job of adjusting to the virus and encouraged social distancing and very limited food service. They stayed open as long as they could knowing being outside involved in athletic pursuits helps stoke up your immune system. They made it till March 24th but have vowed to reopen should conditions change. This is a skiers mountain in the middle of nowhere ready to go for more turns if the "All Clear" bell chimes. Way to go 49 North!