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Snomeggdon Has Arrived!

 In case you thought Rose might be shadowed out on this storm, let me set you straight. We are looking at our fourth foot in 72 hours here at Skytavern. I could look out this window and see trees yesterday. The snow hasn't stopped even a little bit over the last 48 hours and is forecast to snow all night.  The wind has been howling as well so don't think it will necessarily be snorkel pow when Rose finally does open. Unless the wind settles down there will be wind effect on some exposures. In terms of Avy danger... well, as the Sierra Avalanche Center will tell you, it's dangerous out there right now and snow is going to move via Loose Snow Slides, Storm and Wind slabs. Caution is advised if you're heading out into the backcountry. One more thing: if you don't know where you're going. Please don't go.  A skier put Search and Rescue in harms way this last weekend in Hanks Bowl because a guy just followed ski tracks. He could not get back to the ski area from

Enjoying yourself?

 This has been one hell of a winter so far and I truly apologize for the lack of posts so far this but I have been having technical problems with the blog site, email advisories etc and hope to have everything sorted out very soon.  This is more or less a test blog to see if anyone in the blogesphere can receive this transmission. If you do get something please comment and let me know I am coming through loud and clear either on the blog site under comments or on the unofficial FB page. Thank you.  If I don't hear back from anyone I will assume we are still having problems and the word is not getting out.  This winter has been amazing so far and all of us at Mt. Rose have already surpassed our average winter snowfall for the year and it still keeps coming. The current storm cycle is going to leave lots of white behind, unfortunately the wind is also playing a big role in the storm and is never good unless you are storm skiing. This morning the early reports said the Summit Chairs w