Opening to Top/T-Giving Storm

The last storm overproduced by 400% which proves that once again our friends over at are right in their asserting that Mother Nature does not read the forecasts nor conform to anyone's expectations but her own. Looks like next week may deliver much more snow as our first winter storm opportunity appears to showing up for Thanksgiving. The trend so far has been colder and slower with this storm and at this point it looks as though we might measure snowfall in feet versus inches (or at least a foot). But we shall see. Although many at Rose today were thinking they might ride to the top. That is just not happening. Despite Dave's attempts at making as much snow as possible and making the connection between the bottom of KC and Pondo it just isn't there yet since we had bare ground just a few days ago. Its looking more and more like next week at this point but we shall see. Wednesday was the day chanted today by all departments but cats were working with the guns on KC all morning. We shall see.

Gotta say it was social city on the Wiz today and we all were wearing pretty big smiles. In any event, enjoy your weekend. It should be wonderful weather wise.



  1. I got an email from Mt. Rose today, Saturday, saying that they will be open to the top tomorrow, Sunday. Finally.


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