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Skiing and the Pandemic

 The first weekend at Rose turned out pretty good considering we are in a full fledged world pandemic. Although lines for Northwest were long at times, especially on Sunday when the resort opened to the public. This will be helped immensely by the opening of Slide. All things considered it was pretty smooth with some great skiing and excellent coverage on most of the runs. As usual Rose staff did an excellent job dealing with the public... even with fist fights in the lift line... In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" On a beautiful Sunny ski day I just can't imagine why you would want to fight. C'mon people. We are better than that! Besides that anomaly skiers and riders generally were respectful and demonstrated respect by allowing good distancing and mask wearing. Lets try to keep those bull wheels spinning everybody! The weather does not look too cooperative the next couple of weeks according to our friends over at Tahoe Weather

Rose Opens (Softly)

 With virtually no fanfare and in the hopes of keeping the Guv happy, Rose opened yesterday to a small group of 10 for first chair. Unheard of, right? Powder, lifts to the top. Skiing perfection. But Rose is trying desperately to prove to the Guv that they can be safe. Please respect their Covid 19 requests trying to keep everyone safe as the virus racks up points on the scoreboards. The skiing was, of course. Perfect.  I encourage all of us to ski in small doses and let everyone have a turn. If there is a full lot when you get here, consider backcountry or ice skating. Rose would like to keep it safe so they can stay open... a line backed up to the lodge will not look good on the network news. Just a thought! Sven

Temps cool. Colder snow on top.

 Skiing has arrived in earnest in the Sierras as of this morning. Folks are out floating above the dense pack and enjoying the sun and new snow. We are back. Baby. We are back. Having the Covid Wave at the beginning of the ski season will make it difficult for Rose and the other resorts to stay open given the standard hype so please go easy in this fragile political environment.  Talked to a buddy at Mammoth who said there were lift lines on their opening day and lots of talk of Covid potential with the news camera's rolling. This is not good. Instead of jamming the slopes when (and if) Rose opens, think about enjoying more back-country if they seem busy. The last thing Rose or any of us need are long lift lines with people on top of one another that are blocks long. With news coverage that would probably do it right there. We are on probation with the Guv as it is. Lets not give him a reason to shut down outdoor individual sports like skiing.  Remember folks, ease off and give Ros

Sierra Cement Cometh...

 Had great dumpage last night 14" at Sky and since its so wet probably close to a couple feet up top. Word on the street is that Rose and the Guv wanted more than just one lift open  to keep crowding to a minimum so this may just do it. I wouldn't be surprised if an announcement is made for an opening on the 20th or... they may just save their wad till next week. We shall see soon enough. There is now plenty of wet, Sierra Cement for a base and its still snowing... as to whether they stay open after the Guv's 2 week probationary stay home period... week a whole other story. The Covid positive tests are going up like the inches of snow on the ground. Its anybody's guess. Sven

The Age Old question: When will Rose open?

 As Covid lockdown stress wears on, the possibilities of the freedom of the hills looms large in our thoughts and dreams. Untracked powder or morning downhill runs redlining until the wind starts to hold you back or just the fantasy of a cold beer on the deck all turn our eyes skyward this time of year.  So, you ask. Whats the scoop? When? Well, I wish I had a definitive answer for you but the truth is even the management at Rose doesn't know at this point. It all depends upon weather for snowmaking and Mother Nature's whimsy when it comes to Sierra Front weather. A couple things I do know.  Dave Hahl has been working two to three crews snow blowing when the temps and humidity have cooperated from top to bottom. They do have a pretty good start on that and are working diligently day and night. The new 5 million gallon water tank has allowed for much more volume and they are using every drop of it.  When they do open it will be top to bottom skiing on the Rose side with Upper No

Pow Wow as storm over performs expectations

Let this day, November 8th, 2020 go down in infamy... ok, maybe not THAT dramatic but the best day of skiing I've had in six months for sure! A nice 8" to 10" made for nice skiing as long as you had a groomed surface underneath devoid of rocks and logs. If you go out in the BC you are bound to hit many many things, hopefully when you are not going to fast. Death by Skewer is a terrible way to go. This cold smoke of course will not make a good base but wasn't perhaps Mrs. Right, but it was definitely Missis Right Now for sure. Sunshine, face shots and untracked slopes were all that greeted me in my cascade of joy today. Man oh man it felt good to be back. Nothing, nothing, nothing is ever as good as fresh snow, a blank slate and some skis on your feet.  In a word, perfect. Sven