Early Winter Outlook

Daniel Swain of Weather West and NOAA are on the same page when it comes to the extended early winter forecast... warmer and drier weather is to be expected. With the warm water (the Blob) stretching from Alaska to Hawaii to Mexico, the set up is eerily similar to the drought years of 2014-15. Although the judge and jury are out on this one there does seem to be a correlation between warm water Eastern Pacific anomalies and drier and warmer weather for the West Coast. The islands of Hawaii are once again experiencing a large coral bleaching and die-off as a result of the warmth and more tropical animals are moving North into more temperate waters. Still a climate change skeptic keeping lockstep with the Prez? Even the US Military are making plans for rising seas and changing weather along with every major corporation and government agency worldwide. Want the truth? Quit drinking the "Kool-Aid" put out by both parties and follow the money and investment and you'll usually find it. Follow the money. Enough said.

What does all this mean to Mt. Rose? In the short term the news is not encouraging. Although most anything can happen in the long term... looks like for the next few weeks it will be warm and much drier than normal. With warm temps and light inversions snowmaking becomes more difficult. Although committed to opening up as much terrain as possible. This week of warmth has not helped matters. Both the 7 and 14 day outlook don't look much better although there is a hint of a pattern change the last week of November. We shall see. In any event the Wiz is spinning three day a week so you could make some turns on Dave's snow and at least get a warm up and say hello to folks. My suggestion, stay positive and embrace this fantastically warm and calm weather. In the meantime remember... nobody ever said... "Wish I wouldn't have gone skiing?"



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