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Coming up on 15 years gone...

 It's been nearly 15 years since Shane McConkey's untimely death and his impact lives on at home base at Palisades Tahoe, the ski and base jumping world and beyond. Although it would be easy to make the case that he was one of the best, if not THE best ski athletes ever to hit the ski scene, it is Shanes irrepressible sense of self-deprecation and his ability to laugh at himself and the ego driven world of the professional skier that makes him my hero. Shane was the very poster boy of not taking your yourself too seriously and keeping your self-serving ego in check. Enter: Saucer Boy!  Hope you'll check out:  as his homage! 

April Wind Brings May Pow

 Well, our weather has been, shall we say, "different" this spring with lots of wind and occasional bouts of weather we might expect in January, (and by the way, where WAS this weather in January?) like snow in Reno, single digit nights in the mountains and, low and behold, enough new pow to actually make some turns in. Yesterday was a pow lover's delight as long as you knew where to look. With high winds the fresh snow had stacked up to 8" and more in certain locations. Another advantage of a late storm like this is that you can go out after work and get a good climb and ski in while its still light and give your dog a great walk as well. Bottom line is, if the weather is going to ruin your hiking, biking and water sports, you might as well strap those boards back on, get a workout and enjoy the ride down. And that is precisely what I did. Sven