Pow Wow as storm over performs expectations

Let this day, November 8th, 2020 go down in infamy... ok, maybe not THAT dramatic but the best day of skiing I've had in six months for sure! A nice 8" to 10" made for nice skiing as long as you had a groomed surface underneath devoid of rocks and logs. If you go out in the BC you are bound to hit many many things, hopefully when you are not going to fast. Death by Skewer is a terrible way to go. This cold smoke of course will not make a good base but wasn't perhaps Mrs. Right, but it was definitely Missis Right Now for sure. Sunshine, face shots and untracked slopes were all that greeted me in my cascade of joy today. Man oh man it felt good to be back. Nothing, nothing, nothing is ever as good as fresh snow, a blank slate and some skis on your feet. 

In a word, perfect.



  1. Somebody forgot to tell Ma Nature that we are in a La Nina. So Cal will continue to get moisture for the next several weeks ... we will get more! Thanks for the pics Sven, looks awesome.

  2. Daaang! You didn't hit any rocks or anything? I should've gone!


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