Skiing and the Pandemic

 The first weekend at Rose turned out pretty good considering we are in a full fledged world pandemic. Although lines for Northwest were long at times, especially on Sunday when the resort opened to the public. This will be helped immensely by the opening of Slide. All things considered it was pretty smooth with some great skiing and excellent coverage on most of the runs. As usual Rose staff did an excellent job dealing with the public... even with fist fights in the lift line... In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" On a beautiful Sunny ski day I just can't imagine why you would want to fight. C'mon people. We are better than that! Besides that anomaly skiers and riders generally were respectful and demonstrated respect by allowing good distancing and mask wearing. Lets try to keep those bull wheels spinning everybody!

The weather does not look too cooperative the next couple of weeks according to our friends over at Tahoe Weather blog, looks like a big blocking Pacific ridge is moving in off shore closing the storm door. For accurate Rose weather info I highly suggest checking them out at: However, I imagine the snow guns will continue to add some white stuff especially on the face runs on the Rose side and on Silver and the Slide Side. The Guv has given Nevada another three week probationary period to bring the numbers down before more Covid restrictions may be put in place. Sure doesn't seem like we or anybody else (with the exception of the State of Hawaii) are having much success flattening the curve on this third wave at this point. 

We shall see. Hope Thanksgiving doesn't turn into a circus up there. I am in Idaho so don't expect to hear anything from me till next week when I return. 

Good luck, 



  1. I saw a crazy fist fight last year in the lift line! What was it about this time?

  2. BS that you can't see NW lift lines any more. I thought Rose was better than that, sad.

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