The Age Old question: When will Rose open?

 As Covid lockdown stress wears on, the possibilities of the freedom of the hills looms large in our thoughts and dreams. Untracked powder or morning downhill runs redlining until the wind starts to hold you back or just the fantasy of a cold beer on the deck all turn our eyes skyward this time of year. 

So, you ask. Whats the scoop? When? Well, I wish I had a definitive answer for you but the truth is even the management at Rose doesn't know at this point. It all depends upon weather for snowmaking and Mother Nature's whimsy when it comes to Sierra Front weather. A couple things I do know. 

Dave Hahl has been working two to three crews snow blowing when the temps and humidity have cooperated from top to bottom. They do have a pretty good start on that and are working diligently day and night. The new 5 million gallon water tank has allowed for much more volume and they are using every drop of it. 

When they do open it will be top to bottom skiing on the Rose side with Upper Northwest, Kit Carson and a beginner run back down to the lift. They will not be starting small this year. They also want to open for the Thanksgiving holiday which puts us in a little over a 10 day holding pattern. They tend to like to open on Fridays generally so, perhaps, (with a little help from Ma Nature) they might consider opening the 20th. In the end though it all comes down to weather and snow making for that to happen. If not, then I would expect they would open sometime the week of the 23rd although what day is anyone's guess. If I hear more I will be sure to pass it on. 



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