Temps cool. Colder snow on top.

 Skiing has arrived in earnest in the Sierras as of this morning. Folks are out floating above the dense pack and enjoying the sun and new snow. We are back. Baby. We are back. Having the Covid Wave at the beginning of the ski season will make it difficult for Rose and the other resorts to stay open given the standard hype so please go easy in this fragile political environment. 

Talked to a buddy at Mammoth who said there were lift lines on their opening day and lots of talk of Covid potential with the news camera's rolling. This is not good. Instead of jamming the slopes when (and if) Rose opens, think about enjoying more back-country if they seem busy. The last thing Rose or any of us need are long lift lines with people on top of one another that are blocks long. With news coverage that would probably do it right there. We are on probation with the Guv as it is. Lets not give him a reason to shut down outdoor individual sports like skiing. 

Remember folks, ease off and give Rose a chance to show the Guv they can do an effective job of staying open without putting people at risk. Our lift privileges will depend on it. 

Meanwhile, the backcountry awaits. Earn your turns.



  1. Woo! Surprise opening day!! Great conditions, beautiful weather, careful operations, few people. Couldn't ask for more.


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