Rose Opens (Softly)

 With virtually no fanfare and in the hopes of keeping the Guv happy, Rose opened yesterday to a small group of 10 for first chair. Unheard of, right? Powder, lifts to the top. Skiing perfection. But Rose is trying desperately to prove to the Guv that they can be safe. Please respect their Covid 19 requests trying to keep everyone safe as the virus racks up points on the scoreboards. The skiing was, of course. Perfect. 

I encourage all of us to ski in small doses and let everyone have a turn. If there is a full lot when you get here, consider backcountry or ice skating. Rose would like to keep it safe so they can stay open... a line backed up to the lodge will not look good on the network news. Just a thought!



  1. This comment doesn't really follow the post, but I'm trying to get the word out about how we can help some really great people that unfortunately lost EVERYTHING last week in the Mountain View Fire in Coleville.
    The people I'm referring to are the Lou & Marye Roeser family and Mike & Kerry Elam. Longtime friends and known to thousands in the Mammoth Lakes area. Lou is a longtime packer/outfitter in the Lakes Basin. I can't say enough about them.
    There's a GoFundMe page set up at
    Any spreading of the word, or help in anyway would be appreciated.
    See you on the slopes. Carpe Diem!
    Thank you!

  2. To help insure that Rose remains open, it's important that everyone plays by the rules and wears a mask that covers both your mouth and nose. Neck gators are not cutting it! Single layer face coverings may appear good but don't offer much protection.

    Buff is now making a new Filter Masks that are worth investing for the safety of everyone and are very comfortable and fitting. I found my new Buff offers excellent protection from COVID-19 and I didn't even need to pull it down while skiing.

    Let's all do our part for a safe and fully open ski season.


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