The Rose Legion of Honor: Part Two

Ask anyone hurt at Mt. Rose and taken care of by Meri Broderic and they will all say the same thing: her tenderness and care for the comfort of her patients make her the absolute HEART of the Mt. Rose Ski Patrol. She is an extraordinary professional patroller and Rose is lucky to have her!
Next up is none other than Ryan Senft, manager of the Best Ski Bar in the World. Look at his offerings, how he treats us locals and you know the first time you walk into the Timbers Bar that you are in a special place.
Where would we be without our very own Charlie Brown. Despite the fact that he is only a mediocre snowboarder we love him as the Voice of Mt. Rose. Always down on us skiers but in good humor he keeps us laughing and engaged. Off the mic... also a sincerely nice guy.
The reason we get to all park on those powder days is because Damian and his colleague are out in often blinding blizards all night there moving snow off the lot with their loaders. Damian pictured here on the right. He and his buddy here also extricated me from a truck wheel well when I unexpectedly came off the West side parking lot cliff mid-winter. These guys are the unsong heros working when their is snow and looking for work when there isn't!


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