Rose Legion of Honor Part III

The third and final in the Rose Legion of Honor series that highlights Mt. Rose Ski Area staff who are exceptional at their jobs. The Slide Dogs are lift staff on what's referred to at Rose as "the other side". They are more on their own over there and as a result are a little more independent and freedom loving. No other lifts operate quite like the Zephyr and as locals know... its often a local's crowd in the morning. What can I say... they take care of us over on the Slide Side... just like they always have. Unofficial celebrates Ulf, Jim, Brooke and their colleagues... we always feel mighty welcome over there!
Next up is Naia Selby representing the Special Teams & Race Department. Always happy to be coaching and to share adventures with the little Green Coats, Naia comes at this from a lifetime of skiing. She was riding Northwest at 16 months old and skied all the chutes including Dragon Lady by the time she was seven. Yep, she is a Badass for sure.
Representing lift mechanics is Hunter, seen here after a full moon before the hair fell out in the morning. Need a job done or lift rescue fast, he will be on it before the rest of us even know whats happening. Way to go Hunter... may want to try some Nair next time. You are starting to scare people.
Ski School is well represented by Jim Croley. The difference between your average Ski School Instructor and Mr. Croley, is, well... just about everything. Jim doesn't have to work but he does have to make the world a better place, so he chooses to do just that. In every arena I have watched Jim work in he gives his students his all. Dedicated to their growth and as stoked on their success as they are, you can often catch Jim hooting and cheering on his students as they make their first turn or stop using their first properly executed wedge or master their first Blue or Black Run. Unlike any mediocure jaded PSIA professionals that think they know everything and any lack of learning is the student's fault, Jim partners and works hard to help his students solve problems in skiing and in life. To put it succinctly, He Rocks.
Last, but certainly not least is an honorable mention (due to the fact that he is not a staff member)... that is: Hans from The Bunker fame. For many wonderful years he operated The Bunker just up from the Lakeview Unload with flags, brats and beer. After digging down half a dozen or more feet and creating snow benches around the side Hans would invite anyone in on a donation basis only and the beer would flow as much as the Om Pah Pah music while the storms raged outside. Many young people experienced their first drunk dance right there after a few cold ones. Sadly The Bunker is done like dinner due to liability concerns but Rose is slowly reconstituting the idea with the Friday Night Snow Bar so... The Bunker Lives! Thanks Hans for all you have done to make this a special place and for Mt. Rose for honoring that tradition! Pictured below is Mike Selby (on left) with Hans sharing some good times on the Slide Dog Lodge.


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