Too Deep to Post...

 Sorry folks but the skiing has just been too darned good to sit down at the keyboard. If you have been able to get out since Sunday you know what I mean... its just been cold, deep and wonderful with each day being so different from the next. If you haven't had a chance to get out, GET OUT tomorrow as we have a huge weather change facing us with a monster Atmospheric River taking aim right at North Lake Tahoe as the Bullseye. 

Our Pow Heaven is about to go to to the Laundromat and the Cycle is set for Warm, Long and Wet (your mind is in the gutter... come back out of there!) The rain line will be up somewhere within a thousand feet of 8K so even if we do get snow up higher it will be very wet Sierra Cement. If you haven't shoveled off your roof... now is the time. Get on it tomorrow no matter what! Friday morning will be too too late. 

Get in some skiing while you can. This weekend might be a great one to do your taxes.



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