The Birthday "Pa-RAY-de" Ray Joseph turns 98!

 A big shout out to Dick and all the Mt. Rose Ski Instructors who, (with Anne Shrakes coaching and organizational skills) threw the largest Birthday Ski Parade Mt. Rose has ever witnessed. Meeting in the Galena Flats, the nearly hundred celebrants extended congrats to Ray for being on skis in his 98th year and then followed him down Galena to the lodge for cake and ice cream (Phylis's Spice Cake was to die for and made quite a splash). Once there he smiled at the loud din of singing while blowing out the candles and visited with fans for a few hours enjoying every minute of it. 

Humble as always Ray told the crowd "I am so honored to have you all here. Thank you so much." An avid reader, Ray was given the bible on American Skiing to which he held on tight. A great celebration for a true American Hero. How many WW II vets are still skiing? Only know of one at this point and he is our very own Raymond Joseph. If you see Ray's Team out on the hill make sure to stop and say hello and give him a high five!



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