Slide Opens: Gone in 60 Seconds

 For the crowd at first chair this morning the excitement was palpable. Miles of Smiles and everyone on their best behavior (sans Little Red). A sit skier was pushed up for first chair to the raucous cheer of the crowd. All was perfect with deep pow, blue skies and zero wind. The first run down was ecstatic with every skier or rider finding a path that wouldn't cross another track, just pure unadulterated soft turn after soft turn with occasional face shots to remind you that it was really happening. If Joy had a place and time it would be 8:35 this morning on the Slide Side for sure. The only bummer, with a monster weekday crowd it was gone all too quickly. 

Those that waited for The Chutes to open around 1:00 pm also had a great time. It was a day to remember all around. The shot below was taken mid-afternoon proving that you can still find a stash or two if you are willing to work a little for it. 

May your turns be forever in your favor.



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