Rose Opening + Highway Closing = Perfect Skiing

 With just about seven new feet of snow up here I was overjoyed to see that NW would spin on time today and wrapped up my shoveling and took off. Noticed there were no vehicles on the highway but attributed that to bad roads in Reno and didn't think anymore about it until a friend called me at the Galena Blockade saying the road was closed again... feeling like pigs in a corn field the 20 or so folks cheered N-Dot and for the next 15 minutes just ogled the shortness of the line knowing that we would have many runs with the mountain to ourselves. 

As I mentioned earlier the wind died last night up here and the snow was falling straight down for a change which made the skiing excellent, one could sail over the wind rows knowing the landing would be cushioned by 16" of soft, light, dry pow. The NE wind did kick up bigtime limiting vis (see pic) but if you stuck to the trees the skiing was magical. 

The only note of caution, the tree wells are deep. Beware. Slide Side remained closed so far but keep checking the website and you might hit the snow lottery if your timing is right. As for me... its back to throwing snow over very very tall banks. 




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