Mt. Rose Employee of the Week

 We are bringing back our cherished tradition of Rose Employee of the Week. If you have a submission please drop a comment and tell us why with a photo and we will see what we can do. Mt. Rose has always had some incredibly committed employees who really deliver to their customers and to the betterment of the resort. Excellent service is punctuated by hard work, enthusiasm, positivity, excellent communication skills, patience with the general public (which is not always easy) and the ability to answer every question with a smile, no matter how many times it may have been asked. If you ski Rose much I'm sure, like myself, you have had experiences on both ends of the scale. Rather than grumble about those staffers that have difficulty managing a smile much less taking the time to welcome and communicate clearly with the Rose community, we have opted to celebrate the winners in the hopes they might rub off a little on those who are "emotionally challenged" to work hard, have patience with the public and provide quality customer care. 

All Employees of the Week will be entered into a drawing at the end of the season for a case of something special.

First up, Lilith from the Lifts Department, incredible energy, a willingness to answer questions and busy as a bee taking care of the lift loads and unloads all the while keeping a smile on her face even when the crowds are big and the weather is terrible. 

Way to go Lilith!



  1. This is so sick, thank you!! People like you help me keep the stoke up :)

  2. Haha, I was actually going to suggest Lilith, she put a smile on many faces yesterday, between greetings, dancing, singing and just an overall positive spirit!

  3. For next time- I don't know her name, but I nominate the brunette lift operator with the round glasses. I usually see her on the Rose side. She is just really nice and always has a smile on her face. Makes you feel welcome.


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