Dumpage Report

 "It just isn't stopping" said my neighbor here at Skytavern. "Nope" was my reply continuing to shovel the doorways to avoid getting trapped inside. This storm was everything they said it would be and more. As I write this 80 and 431 are still closed along with a long list of other mountain roads. Total footage... probably between 4 and 5 since Friday.

What is noteworthy is that last night the hurricane force winds did finally abate and the snow fell straight down for hours on end setting skiers up for an amazing experience once the road and resort finally do open. Authorities are talking about 431 opening later today and with the lack of wind that will most likely be possible. When... is anybodies guess at this point. 

Avalanche danger remains quite high so be cautious in the BC. We have had a lot of wind transported snow and slides will be in the picture for awhile given the temps and heavy snowfall. 

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To keep up with the weather and future forecasts it is worthy to note that our friends over at www.tahoeweatherblog.com are the only weather service that focuses on Mt. Rose and the Eastern Sierra. Go check them out: they called this storm weeks ago!



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