Snomeggdon Has Arrived!

 In case you thought Rose might be shadowed out on this storm, let me set you straight. We are looking at our fourth foot in 72 hours here at Skytavern. I could look out this window and see trees yesterday. The snow hasn't stopped even a little bit over the last 48 hours and is forecast to snow all night. 

The wind has been howling as well so don't think it will necessarily be snorkel pow when Rose finally does open. Unless the wind settles down there will be wind effect on some exposures. In terms of Avy danger... well, as the Sierra Avalanche Center will tell you, it's dangerous out there right now and snow is going to move via Loose Snow Slides, Storm and Wind slabs. Caution is advised if you're heading out into the backcountry. One more thing: if you don't know where you're going. Please don't go. 

A skier put Search and Rescue in harms way this last weekend in Hanks Bowl because a guy just followed ski tracks. He could not get back to the ski area from his position and it could have cost the lives of his rescuers. The avalanche danger was very sketchy in Hanks on Saturday. We bailed out halfway down before the breakover from 40' fractures and severe settling. The Hanks Bowl Rescue could have easily ended in tragedy for Washoe County SAR. Please take responsibility, know before you go and if you are unsure about your route, it's real simple, don't count on Ski Patrol and SAR to save your sorry ass. 

Be a grown up and THINK before you put others in dangerous situations. 



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