The Pow Queen Grants Us The Privilege...

Although the lifts may have stopped spinning it doesn't mean the skiing has stopped... when the Pow Queen graces us it would, for all intents and purposes, be a disservice and disgrace not to yield time to bask in her flowing and sparkling white ropes...

Especially on a crystal clear blue bird day in picture perfect snow. Not wanting to piss off the Queen we headed out and up.

Most lifts have stopped their spin so now you just have to earn your turns. And as for yesterday... it was well worth it. Excellent skiing in 16" of cold smoke was available yesterday anywhere in the Sierra's above 7500 feet.  Due to the lateness of the season and the sun angle however... shelf life is short so timing was everything. For those of you that made time to make it happen like retired Snow King Dave Hahl... it was well worth it.



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