Mt. Rose Parties Down

 Although I was on a Road Trip and missed the Sunset Wine Event as well as the Brewfest (both of which are my favorites) I did catch the Passholder Party and it was a good one. As one looks back on the year it is the extra touches that makes Mt. Rose so special. Mimosa and Champagne at the summit, donuts here and there, maxtrax breakfasts, poker runs and t-shirt giveaways to start the season. These are the things that separate Mt. Rose from every other resort. Now if we could only get back to pond skims or Downhill Dummy's... those two events are really missed! Of course there is always something to beef about but all in all, the extra effort Rose makes helps make us more than just patrons... more like a really large family. Of course Charlie Brown was in his usual form (not a bad guy for a Boarder) and there were lots of freebies thrown out between raffles. The best winner was little Dane Longballa (Mimi's grandson) who won the 6' long ski run sign. That will take up some major wall real estate in his room for years to come. 

Way to go Rose. Thanks for being way more than about the "Bottom Line" like so many other corporate operations!

Below are the usual suspects at NW First chair with their giveaway neon beaters. Mark, Johnny and Trigg look pretty stoked! FYI Johnny just got out of major surgery which was successful if you didn't know and want to check up on him. 



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