Wet it ain't...

 I know my friends over at www.tahoeweatherblog.com have a much more optimistic view of the meteorological world than I do... however, when you take the past winter and then look forward, well, yeah it looks pretty bad drought wise. I know they would point out that it could all change with one big atmospheric river and they would be right... but as the spring cranks up that becomes less and less likely of a scenario every day as we float toward summer. Keep in mind that this follows the driest January and February for our region, ever. That makes our current situation even more dire. Here is where we are at now: 

And here is where the forecast says we are headed: 

I just don't think we are going to be able to polish this turd no matter how hard we try. The impacts of this current lack of average water will negatively effect food production on farms and ranches, forest tree health, wildfire starts, propagation and severity, water allotments and in the longer term, hydroelectric generation (if you haven't read about Lake Powell and Deadpool look it up).

So... enjoy the snow while you can... looks like there will be shorts and t-shirts coming to a mountain near us this weekend!



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