JT: Our Ski Brother in the Mt. Rose Family

 I have to say I was moved to tears when Kurt Buser, one of the owners of Mt. Rose, stood up at JT's recent memorial at Winter's Creek and raised a toast in recognition that JT was a part of the Mt. Rose Family. That a commercial resort owner recognizes that we are a family is rare indeed, but even more rare was the outpouring of love for this ski brother and all the love he shared for our mountain, skiing and for the family itself. Gentle, caring, gracious and as passionate as any man about skiing, JT's friendships were connected by all the turns he did with those he shared the mountain with. May you not rest in peace JT but rather, continue to prowl this mountain for powder through all of us that continue to turn in honor of JT and all of those who have left tracks for us to follow.  Thank you Kurt and the rest of your staff for the support you continue to render to our Rose family.


                        Kurt Buser raised a toast to our ski brother in the larger Mt. Rose family

JT would have been happy to see us altogether on the deck having a beer in his honor

JT will be missed by everyone he crossed paths with

The lone skier in the reflection... yeah, it has to be... JT is skiing in another dimension. 
He is decidedly not Resting In Peace but continues to ski on... and always will. 


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