Grooming: Beware the anomaly

 Grooming today looked an awful lot like the first days of the season, in other words... not a lot of choices.  On the Slide side it was basically Bruces or Bonanza as Silver was hard as a rock this morning. On the Rose side only NW was groomed on the face leaving out Bullwhip, Waterfall and Sixgun which have been groomed almost daily this season. Aida's was also left off the "TO DO" list which is always a bummer. Maybe its just a one off and a groomer was sick or something but there were complaints from the Breakfast Club for sure. 

More importantly, beware the anomaly! When snow gets wet or a groomer is not looking back quite enough, it gets more and more difficult to leave nice cord in the tiller's wake. You may see pits, walls, grouser marks or frozen in snow boulders which is all well and good as long as you have decent vis. But in the shadows or when foggy or in a white out, it's a different game altogether. We do need to give these guys a break though... grooming is not an easy job and perfection is rarely 100%. Although grooming has been improving, you just can't expect perfection all the time. My suggestion, in poor light conditions slow it down and make sure all is well before goosing your throttle or you just might be following Turnin Tim into the ICU.



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