A Skier's Party at Skytavern...

Next Friday, March 25th Skytavern Ski Area is throwing a party for skiers that are, shall we say... long in the tooth to enjoy some skiing, bbq on the deck and ski stories from "back in the day.".  On top of that it is also Raymond Joseph's Birthday where he will turn a respectable 97 and yes... he is still skiing! You can still see him on the hill usually flanked by his all female security detail (read: harem) as he skis most of the mountain and occasionally dabbles in The Chutes. Since Skytavern will be spinning the lifts they are asking for a suggested donation of $20. Hope those of us who had anything to do with Mt. Rose or Skytavern over the last half century can make it up whether to ski or just sit on the deck, throw back a few and talk story! For more information please contact the Skytavern Junior Ski Program at: info@skytavern.org.



  1. Still skiing at 97!!!! That guy is my hero. - Christine Lewis


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