The Zephyr Ecstasy

 Nothing like first tracks on Zephyr when it's groomed. This week has witnessed a nice alternating grooming job between Bruces and Zephyr that makes everyone very happy in the morning. The grooming was flawless on Zephyr and very nearly so on every one of the immaculately groomed runs. The grooming crew looks to have gained much experience this season and it is definitely like the ghost of Dave or Skojoe is up there in a cat again. Face runs as well as Aida's have been my favorite so far... but all the runs on both sides have been in good shape. 

In terms of The Chutes, yes, there have been quite a few serious accidents in the chutes over the last month and I do feel for patrol that has to go in there in firm conditions and haul lard ass bodies out but... I am happy they are still open. My advice: avoid Nightmare as it is currently living up to its name and try Lower Yellowjacket traversing in from Beehive gate. Actually pretty good skiing sporting a significantly lower risk factor and a nice way to avoid the crowds on weekends!


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