The "new guy" at Rose...

 No, we aren't talking about the revolving door of lifties at Rose this year...

As many of you know, Paul Senft will be retiring from Mt. Rose Development Corporation after decades of managing the resort as GM.  

Hired as the new GM is Greg Gavrilets. Greg looks great on paper and kind words have come from those who toured our mountain with him. My sense is that this is a man who hasn't spent his career under florescent lights pushing pencils and glued to cash flow and the bottom line. 

Starting out ski patrolling in winters and raft guiding in summer, Greg has spent a lot of time outdoors. Graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Master's in Business and Economics, Mr. Gavrilets dove into the ski industry managing a number of smaller ski areas and ended up hiring on as the Attitash Mountain GM in 2020 in New Hampshire. Folks from Attitash speak very highly of him sharing that he is an approachable leader who values communication, quality improvement with an eye toward efficiency as well as continual improvement of the guest experience. At his prior positions he led implementation of operational efficiencies and strengthened cross-departmental communication and relationships as well as improving employee engagement. He has been described as knowledgeable about all facets of the ski industry, inspiring, energetic, well spoken and caring. He has been noted as having a "positive presence that can bring people together".

Now if that doesn't look good on paper... I don't know what does.

All I can say is he quit Vail Corp to come here... so he has that going for him. Time will tell of course but I hope the entire Unofficial Rose Community can welcome Greg when he comes on. This is bound to bring some changes to our Biggest Little Mountain and it looks like from his history that they maybe be good ones. Time will tell.

Welcome to Mt. Rose Greg. It's not just a ski resort. Its home and a very special place. 



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