Spotlife on Staff

 John was a fireman for 30 years before joining Ralph's liftie team. A true Slide Dog at heart, John has worked the Slide Side prepping and running the lift with competence, precision and a 20/20 focus knowing what will work best on the Slide Side for his customers. As any good supervisor is, John stands up and takes initiative to "make things right" anytime he can. That makes him our hero. Rather than just go along with orders from "on high" that come down the pipe, John consciously explores each problem for a solution that will lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency and more importantly, an improved customer experience. 

If we could clone John and put his clones at every lift load we sure would. He rocks it!

So here is a quote from Steve Jobs to celebrate John and other employees who make things better at Mt. Rose. They are rare and often self select out after a few years but we sure treasure them during their tenure at Rose.



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