Junuary Ski Report (Ski the Bar!)

Hats off to the grooming crew for cording Sunrise for us without the race team barriers. Much appreciated! Speaking of grooming... everyone has noticed that more runs are being groomed for the morning crowd relative to early season. Makes the mountain so much more inviting. Keep it up! Love that cord especially when it hasn't snowed for a month.

After your early morning ski you may want to check out libations available at the Timber's Bar and sit out on the deck and enjoy these sunny days. Gus's chili is also still the rage. Handmade family recipe's at a ski resort are hard to find. Keep it coming Gus! Ryan's world class selection of beers and ciders put this ski bar at the top of the pack world wide. There is a little something for everyone from Coors Light to Double IPA's. Something on the constantly changing menu will get your attention for sure. With drinks in hand its time to find a sunny place and swap lies of how how many runs you skied and what chutes you kicked ass on.

It's been a month more or less since we have had snow and between the high winds and high temps the snow is a little more ragged than it was last week. The Chutes and the trees have taken a beating and hardened up quite a bit. What was a great ski between Miller's and Nightmare is much more of "shaky" experience. Make sure your fillings and toupee are well attached. Tree skiing has stiffened up as well. These long dry spells in Junuary make it tough to find excellent conditions with the exception of the groomers first thing out of the gate. However, the weather couldn't be more inviting and I'm sure y'all will find something to make you smile up there. One good thing: crowds were down this morning and there was still plenty of parking when I pulled out of Slide just before 10:00 am so the tourist rush may be a restricted by Omicron, lack of fresh snow or both... or perhaps people are still in Reno enjoying their second cup of coffee... who knows!



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