June You Marry

 Like or not... the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge is back for more. Looks high and dry the rest of the month or longer though there are some hints of a change in early Feb but thats a long way out... The long term is touting drier than average and slightly colder than average although that certainly hasn't come to pass as daytime temps remain elevated and higher than average.

Look for corn to begin forming on South facing slopes and that will be your best bet for good snow besides the morning groomers. Although imperfect the December dump at least keeps our skis on natural snow. If temps warm appreciably we may begin to see corn morning on more SE and SW aspects as well. Thank climate change for corn in January! One of the silver linings I guess... Keep in mind these are general trends although the snow in the deep South seems a little contrary to their forecast, right? Keep in mind the MTO is just a VERY broad brush. 



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