Groomers Great, Off-Piste... not so much

OK, my title is a bit of an overstatement. Sometimes you can find decent snow that has softened a bit with the sun, but on a cold day... not so much. Grooming is still amazingly good despite the fact that it hasn't snowed in over a month. The grooming crew is doing a good job of providing 3 to 4 runs on the Slide Side and many more on the Rose side with typically a couple of face runs and Bullwhip groomed. Aida's has my vote of Best In Show lately! Checked out The Chutes today and although some might say they are wonderful (compared to glare ice or bare rock) most common people would say they are pretty dicey right now. If you fall and are not able to get your edges right under you or do a pole self arrest, strap yourself in for a skeleton-like ride... and you just might be a skeleton in the literal sense if you wrap yourself around a tree since you purchased a ticket on the Oblivion Express. Its chalky in places and very smooth while it's cut up and fairly hard in others. Taken altogether... I would rate the Pucker Factor at a 8.3 to say the least. If you don't know what a Pucker Factor or a pole arrest is... I would heed the signage and ski elsewhere. 

Of course in a homage to Ralph... the bar is always in good shape. Not bad advice late in the day when it hasn't snowed for 5 weeks or so...



  1. Agree..... I found Waterfall delightful! Empty run.... could get very 'surfy'.... Good fun for a few hours....

  2. Skied Rose Wednesday and am in 100% agreement with your report. Aida's was also my pick of the day. Chutes...okay as long as you know you will never fall and few can say that. Otherwise it could be a long slide. Saw you at first chair in the AM...was 3 chairs behind you but never caught up to say hello. Maybe next time...


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