It's coming to a mountain near you...

Rose was closed today but you wouldn't have wanted to ski it anyway... blowing like hell up here.

With upwards of five to six feet of snow forecast for Slide Mountain and the road being closed, most folks elected to do more Christmas shopping or prepare their yard for Snowmegeddon than find a way to Rose yesterday. That made for very short lines for NW first thing in the morning... about a dozen folks lined up for first chair. I stayed till 10 in perfect groomed conditions on KC and left before NW went on windhold. Knew it was coming but one hour of skiing is equal to about 5 days of happiness doing anything else so it was well worth it. Caught some nice shots of the sun blazing through blowing crystals from the snowmakers. It was beautiful to be sure. Snowmakers now working on the Slide side and after this storms we should be open on both sides very soon!



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