431 is way way done...

 It has been an epic storm up here in the Carson Range with close to zero vis much of the time due to the hurricane force winds and heavy snow. The drifts are bigger than I have ever seen up here and the snow hasn't stopped for the better part of a week. Low vis and machines are often poor soulmates as the pics below attest... pic one is of an NDOT rotary ditched out on 431 and the little red smudge you see to the right of the tree at the end of the orange rescue line is a Mt. Rose Ski Area snowcat down in Winter's Creek. The operator certainly experienced a Mr. Toads Wild Ride as he was clearing the Slide lot. I would estimate we have had about 8'+ of snow the last four days which happens to be the exact number our friends over at: www.tahoeweatherblog.com predicted. Great job over there gentlemen! 

With all the wind transport some slopes will be ready to slide on a hair trigger... be careful out there tomorrow should the resort and highway reopen. 



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