Rose Opening... don't kill the messenger

 I think most of us can remember in the "Before Times" how Rose used to push to open on Halloween and then proceed to brag about their six month season at 8260. It is now November 15 and halfway through the month no one can say for sure when the lifts might spin at Rose, or anywhere else in Northern California for that matter. 

What's the problem you ask? Well think about this weekend. Most of us were wearing shorts on our hikes, folks were paddle boarding and kayaking like it was September and there were water skiers on Tahoe... that should give you a clue. On top of Rifle Peak at almost 10,000 feet two mosquitos flew by me... MOSQUITOS in November at elevation. What the hell?

Despite the fact that we experienced an anomalous atmospheric river and record breaking precipitation two days in October that at the very least offered us an end to the wild fire season and some skiing for a few willing to trust the depth (count me in on that one) we still find ourselves in a weather pattern which is dry, seasonally warmer than average and windier than average due to the nature of the brush by weather systems going North and giving Seattelites moldy socks and the beginnings of webs between their toes.

Daniel Swane of Weather West is predicting a drier and warmer winter at this point for our area as most systems will be driven North following a typical La Nina pattern. Certainly the next couple weeks are not looking rosy for either natural snow or many nights cold enough for the guns to be turned on at our local hills. Although that being said, the cold front Thursday should knock temps down enough to blow some white stuff. At 7640 where I live nighttime temps have rarely been dropping even into the 30's. 

It's warm. Warmer than usual and we are going to have to live with it because there is nothing else we can do. Rather than jonesing about skiing and riding, take the time to go hiking, hell, you might even get another paddle or swim in. Who knows? It will be cold again and we will get snow. Just maybe not as soon or in the amounts we would wish for. 

Rejoice that you will be able to ski and ride again... at some point and enjoy your time. The time you have right now is really all you've got anyway. Might as well use it wisely. 



  1. While no doubt the weather has been terrible for snowmaking, I have to think there’s also a couple other things in play. They always used to be hell bent on at least spinning the wiz by Halloween... not so much now. I also think it’s no coincidence that their main webpage has had their hiring banner all over it for weeks now. I know they used to start most basic jobs at $11/hr, now they’re saying $15/hr. Also, all employees must be vaccinated. I have a strong hunch they’re having a hard time finding workers.


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