The Chutes Beckon...

 If you are a Chutes skier you won't find conditions much better than they are during these warm spring afternoons. If the sun has done its thang for the day, you will be in soft forgiving snow rolling along with you on the steeps and deeply fun in the bumps. 

Yes, the Chute tops are a little hairy to get into with lots of rocks to thwart most folks but once you are in, you are like a dirty sock on laundry day, you will have a clean and wonderful run down. So, remember, there are rocks and stumps, especially up top, but once you are in the gut you will be blessed with soft forgiving bumps and probably find yourself as the only one in that particular chute. No crowds and no worries. With lift lines non existent this is some of the best skiing of the season.

Enjoy them while you can, their days are numbered for sure!



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