Bunniful Weekend Was Had By All

 Fantastic warm weekend of spring skiing for all. There were smiles all around with lift lines only in the morning both days, perfect cord followed by perfect chutes with no one around to get in the way. Felt like old times out there skiing right onto the chair. The limited bar was open on the slide side with beer, cider and wine and that felt real good at the end of the day. There were lots of smiles and lots of miles... what could be better? The only way to make it better? Put more eggs out for the kids with just candy inside so they don't go home crying and empty handed... luckily I had brought a bunny hat and pockets full of chocolate to make it all better. Otherwise, perfect skiing experience this weekend. Hope you were there!


Addicus tears it up at top of Yellowjacket... turn after turn, run after run. 

Think they are happy now, should have seen them skiing!

Nothing like Common Hibiscus Cider post ski 
(Drinks by Nate)

Zephyr was deserted more than it was skied!

Last pic here by Jim Hart, KING of the Corduroy!


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