...A Great Saturday... and I'm Out

 Skied my last day of the season today in perfect weather and ripping snow conditions. Spring cord was everywhere and in an inverse ratio to the crowds... which were non-existent. Skied bell to bell enjoying the empty runs and was able to still find little shards of cord at 3:30 on a weekend which was a treat. In contrast to the rest of the season mostly skied right onto the chair. 

Skied by the snowpack measurement post on Bronco and it tells the story quite well. There is less than 2 feet of snow laid in there and it will be gone soon enough. We made the most of both meager snowfall and a pandemic and considering all that, I gotta say there were a lot of smiles out there in spite of all the BS. But thats hardcore skiers and riders for you... we will make the best out of whatever we've got. 

We have two more days of warmth and then the freezer box returns to a mountain near you. Hope you get out before the Deep Freeze midweek with some possibility of snow, not enough probably, but its too far out at this point. But I'll say it looks pretty wimpy this far out. Just enough cold to make the snow hard as knife edges and wind to blow whatever pow we get somewhere.

Last run was down Sunrise (or Toilet Bowl as the Old Timers call it) and after this weekend that will probably be gone too. Hope y'all get out tomorrow or Monday and do some turns for me. I'll be working away in Kona on a pool, and maybe, just maybe, doing a little surfing, snorkeling and diving. 




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