Slide Slide 2K long Today

 Kicked off a pretty good slide off Hank's today. New storm slab slid on icy bed surface on a South, Southeast Exposure and ran a mile, literally. The wind played with the snow and some spots were deeper than the 5" to 7" reported but as the sun warmed things up instability increased significantly. I was pretty sure it was going to fracture along the breakover and had a nice escape route planned. 

All was great today but the long long lines... argh. Wish "The Gov" has said  you can now "Load up full chairs" in last nights press briefing but that did not come to pass. Sure was nice when they at least were loading 3 singles and 2 doubles... that really helped but word on the street is that the county and state stepped in and said "NO, NO, NO!" so now we are back to lines that make you want to take as long as possible on the run down so you don't have to wait in line again... the ratio of 15 minutes waiting for a 2 minute line just doesn't cut it. 

All the being said, I am happy they are open. Just wish government would let ski areas operate how they see fit and according to national standards set by the US Ski Areas Association rather than a knee jerk reaction from some non-skier in a starched shirt down in town or in Carson City. 



  1. Do you know who we could contact at the county to remind them that holding everyone in the que for 20 min is far less safe than spreading us out on the mountain? Maybe if one of your readers could share a name we could all contact them???

  2. Good point April. Hats off to the Mt Rose management for realizing this factor and doing this for the short time that they could.

    The State people could defend their stance by saying, "What happens when the lift stops for mechanical reasons with 3 or more people on the chair?"

  3. When we asked a liftee why Rose had gone back to loading two people per chair and brought back giant lift lines I was told that it was due to "A huge number of complaints by the guests." Sounded like bullshit to me at the time and still does. Rose sucks this year. They can't even get their lies straight.


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