Four new feet of snow, chutes open... what's not to like?

 Oh yeah, the lines from hell... thats whats not to like. Thankfully Rose management injected a little reasonability into the frustratingly long lines during the first Powderfest of the year. Now they are loading three singles on a chair or two doubles as long as folks are good with it. This reduces the lines substantially and on behalf of all Rose pass holders we thank you from the bottom of our time management. 

Skiing all morning and only getting in a half dozen runs was just not cutting it. And thats why BC sales are again off the charts this year. With up to now what has been a very meager season, long lines at the chair and the pandemic social distancing, this trifecta along with a year of quarantine has pent up demand to ski is at an all time high. I can only hope your love and commitment to skiing was reinvigorated by this last dump as much as my own. Felt good to do the sacred Powder Tango once again on steeps and deeps. Pic was captured of your truly by ski photographer Nate Corona.



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