Avalanche buried 4, kills 3

 A large backcountry avalanche between the towns of Silverton and Ophir Colorado (near Telluride) buried 4 and killed 3 on Monday. The three remaining skiers in the group of 7 rescued the one buried victim that survived. Body recovery is still underway at this time. Once again, this points out the wisdom of skiing areas identified as having avalanche potential one at a time and stopping at only agreed upon safe zones in order to keep your eyes on other members of your group skiing the area in question and keep your group members safe. 

Although we were lucky in the last storm cycle to experience fairly moderate danger in contrast to the quantity and amount of snow that fell, we will experience other storm cycles that will not be so stable. Please keep in mind when determining where and when you'll ski avalanche knowledge and follow the old adage that's kept many a skier skiing for years... "If you don't know. Don't go." I encourage everyone to enroll in a "Know Before you Go" course at the minimum and heighten your chances of survival in the backcountry with an Avy One course. It just might save your life.  



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