Poli'ahu: Hawaiian Snow Goddess coming to a mountain near you...

The models have come into agreement and when Tahoe Weather Blog and Weather West both say we can expect multiple feet of snow, then you better wax up your skis and shovels. When looking at the liquid precip equivalent and the low temps of this forecast, combined with a subtropical moisture tap is very reminiscent of some of the storms we got in February of 2017. Yes, folks I am betting the house on a minimum of 48" of snow in the Carson Range, and perhaps more. 

Batten down the hatches. You can expect blizzard conditions sometime Wed and Thursday which may interrupt transportation and lift operations Sierra wide. This is not a moderate storm but something to prepare for. With the snow levels low enough to bring flakes to parts of the Sacramento Valley and foothill communities like Redding, Placerville and Auburn AND Reno you can expect traffic snarls, road closures, power outages and other issues late this week. 

Somebody out there did their snow dance and did a damn good job of it. Poli'ahu (The Goddess of Snow on the Big Island) seems only too willing to oblige!



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