Mercury Rising

 Skiing has been spring-like as long as you follow the sun and are at Rose in the middle of the day. If not.. bad news with your choice between frozen vegetables or sheet ice (what the resort would call "Firm Conditions" near the very bottom of the snowpack... speaking of the snowpack. There isn't much of it. Although the Rose side is skiing pretty well on-piste the sun's effects are showing on the Slide side. Although, skiing is still excellent in the trees between Bonanza and Zephyr as long as you avoid the roads and logs which occasionally protrude. Even Bruces and Zephyr are skiable as long as you slow it down and take care to avoid the obstacles.

Thank being said, the thermometer on my truck read 54 today and for the middle of January (Juneary more like) and that is not healthy on a meager snowpack on top of the daily receding low tide. Gotta hand it to Dave and his crew of groomers... they are mining snow wherever they can find it and keep covering up the skid marks every night making the piste appear magically new and white again. 

To clearly demonstrate the severity of the situation take a gander at the South side of Slide Mountain. I have seen late June's with better coverage than this! We are below 50% now so its time to start your snow dance!



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