Kristmas Krowds a little rocky

 Sunny days and little pow dumps have left the slopes a little nicer lately although today parts of Bonanza were a foggy bottomed gravel hazard. Looks like a tiller hit pay dirt bigtime and spread that shit way downhill on the left side. Ski carefully instead of carefree if you are headed that way. 

Face runs and the rest of the Rose side provided great snow conditions although the freezing fog on your lens was a little frustrating. Wind was blowing and crowds were out big time on the Rose side. By 10 am it was time to ski home and be done with it. For those if you that enjoy the social interaction of the line's slow movement... its your day to shine. 

As always the Slide Dogs were on it keeping the Zephyr spinning and crowds moving through the gates whether they knew what they are doing or not. I cannot say the same for the other side where chair stops were pretty common today and staff was not standing at the gate "helping" customers figure out when and where to move to when the gates open. I tell you, the Slide Dogs should give all the other chair staffs lessons in keeping that bull wheel and lines moving. 

Crowds this week have sometimes resulted in lines that went 40 to 45 minutes before a load due to the Covid spacing on chairs. Ug. When you figure in a minute or two run down,

On the bright side if you poked around a little you could still find little low angle powder shots. That makes the lift wait time much less painful!

the ratio is not a pleasant one. As xmas holiday draws to a close lines should go down just in time for a couple of storms on tap this week. Lets hope so!



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