The Weeks Ahead...

 The boys of winter are making as much snow as temperatures allow. While work on Bonanza continues Silver and Minetrain continue to get high doses of the white stuff every night. The forecast is not looking too good for skiing this month as NOAA just came out with their monthly model predictions. Three words describe it well: "Warmer and Drier" than average. Take it with a grain of salt though as my friend Paul over at says "In the end all the forecasts don't matter too much as Ma Nature is in charge". Go check out his site for more info on upcoming weather.

In any event its nice to have Slide open at least and once Bonanza is skiable things will improve whether it snows or not. As a sidenote outdoor ice hockey has been wonderful over at Sky Tavern. Check out their page on Facebook under the site Sky Tavern Hockey for more info. They are playing 3 nights a week now!



  1. Can we just get a little relief mother nature, or just some cold temps to poor it on.


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