Skiing Rose in a Pandemic

Finally made the rounds at Rose to check out how the area was dealing with the pandemic. I have to say its all about controlling your expectations. We had a wonderful time but hit it first thing for some fresh groomers and took off before 10:30. Silver received high marks with excellent coverage. Next we peeled over to KC, Lakeview and ATW. All were looking good. Face runs were gated but open but I had my good skis and it just looked a little on the sketchy side. As positive as I am about first runs in the morning I would not bring brand new skis up just yet. As we were leaving some lose gravel, branches and skid marks were beginning to make themselves known in some of the more skied off and popular spots. 

Only loading two singles at a time really slows the loading process down considerably. The holidays at NW will probably provide plenty of time to wait in line and BS while the line slowly moves forward. Today, the line at NW was beginning to grow every run and before long... it was time to go. 

Make no mistake about it, skiing is limited, for example on the Slide side your choices are Silver or, well, Silver unless you want to take the cat track down so I suspect late afternoon will make it a nice angled rink in places. The Rose side offers quite a bit more terrain with Northwest open, but gated, Upper NW, KC, Lakeview and ATW. Unfortunately, at least for today, Lower Ramsey was roped off.  Groomers have been working to pack the snow down in the Slide Bowl area... now we just need more of it which doesn't look likely anytime soon. 

Bottom line, Rose needs more snow but what they have made is in good shape with topnotch grooming. And skiing is still skiing and gliding down the snow whatever the conditions and angle is still a ball no matter which way you cut it. 

Dial your expectations down and you'll have a great time. We did!



  1. Do your snow dance Tahoe and Ma Nature could begin delivering in about a week! Think positive, thanks for the great advice Sven!


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