Rose Grooming is Par Excellence

As usual Rose grooming is excellent with great coverage on the major runs that are open. Even the face runs are presenting pretty well with at least one face run usually groomed during the night and a couple of others providing fun in the bumps. Hitting almost 50 today and yesterday it was almost Spring Skiing in December with another warm day on tap tomorrow before we settle back into average day temps due to a glancing blow from a Cold Front early next week. Due to the heat Rose has not been able to make snow but with a few exceptions the skiing has been skid-mark and rock free as long one sticks to the groomers. Off-piste, well, you're probably going to find the bottom sooner or later, have you p-tex handy.

The only drawback to skiing is the long wait times in the lift line. Although Rose is doing a great job at keeping folk safe and socially distanced, the con is that most chairs ride up partially empty which leads to long lines. Today Lot 2 and 3 were barely at 25% capacity and at 9:45 the line was a solid 16 minute wait. Thats when we usually take off. The silver lining is the runs are pretty empty once you unload and the skiing surface is deep winter wonderful with the exceedingly low track of the sun. 

There you go. From the horses mouth. Our friends over at Tahoe Weather Blog are predicting a potential White Christmas so thats something to look forward to. Hope y'all stay safe but manage to get outside and play around on the boards... its probably the safest place you can be to get some exercise, Vitamin D and beef up your immune system!



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